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The higher end 251 is treasured by users for its extraordinary up close cardioid performance on premier voices and its distance performance on piano, ensembles, and orchestras. Many customers have asked for a less expensive cardioid-only version of the 251 and we're happy to deliver it now as the model 241 mic!

Patterns:   Cardioid

Frequency Range:   30Hz to 16kHz, +/-2dB

Sensitivity:   21mv/Pa (-34dBm=94dB SPL)

Equivalent Noise:   18dB (“A” weighted) 32dB (unweighted)

Distortion vs.SPL @1kHz: 112dB = 0.5% THD 118dB = 1% THD129dB = 2% THD [increasing distortion is non-exponential, nearly linear, and primarily 2nd harmonic]


Impedance:   200 Ohms true transformer balanced

Recommended Load:   1.2k Ohms

Dynamic Range (maxSPL-"A"noise):   94dB S/N (94dB-noise): 76dB “A”, 62dB unweighted


Capsule size:   1” diameter, dual asymmetrical backplate  CK12 type

Tube type:   New Old Stock ECC85

Dimensions:   2.04” dia x 8” oal (50x216mm)

Weight:   1lb 9.6oz (1.58lbs) =694g

Shipping Weight:   12 lbs

Power Supply:   P251 true linear, factory wired 115v or 230v operation


The 241's primary use will undoubtedly be female / male vocals. Use a pop filter and get up close for that intimate “big vocal” sound. A few inches away, the proximity effect recedes and the mic gets flatter in response. At distance, the 241 is amazing on instruments and ensembles. In front of a drum set it sounds like you are standing there; on stringed instruments it captures the transients and complex harmonic structure that spell the difference between

Good... and GREAT.






• Brite/ Normal switch for amazing versatility

• Works well for all vocal or instrumental use

• Tuned to work in a variety of studio situations

• Transformer balanced output

• Handpicked, individually tested capsule

• Select “New Old Stock” EF814k tube is readily available

• Low Noise, Low Distortion

The 241 Microphone uses a proprietary Bock Audio hand-made German capsule, a proprietary hand wound vintage style audio transformer, a NOS tube in the mic amplifier and a hand-built Bock Audio custom outboard power supply. The BOCK 241 adds a unique "brite/normal" switch which delivers two sounds in one mic. “Bright” allows unfiltered extended high frequency response that defines a modern high end condenser; “normal” offers a less bright, more vintage style high frequency response more forgiving to sibilant singers and or voices that need a darker treatment.


The BOCK 241 offers enduring qualities impossible to fully describe in writing. While Chinese condensers try to impress with lots of top and bottom end on first listen, they lack midrange so critical in defining a great vocal. The BOCK 241 built-in midrange presence curve, so important in “cutting through” a dense mix, is impossible to obtain through EQ. Time has proven this vocal sound must come from the mic itself. The unique BOCK AUDIO "brite/normal" switch adds long term versatility. The high frequency response is extended but never gets harsh or gritty. The BOCK 241 Proximity Effect (bass gets stronger with closeness) is naturally powerful without being too boomy or bottom heavy. Midrange is smooth and does not require post EQ. Best of all, the BOCK 241 has a way of lifting the singer’s vocal to a higher level when they hear themselves for the first time on this great microphone. The BOCK 241 is perhaps the biggest bargain in lead vocal microphones available on the market.