Unique to the BOCK 195 is the switches that enable you to customize the sound for the application at hand. The combinations of tone switches allows for unmatched versatility in a professional studio mic. Three different switches are offered: a "Mode" switch, a “PAD” switch and a “LOW CUT” switch. The Mode switch offers two modes of operation, FAT and NORM. FAT is a low end boost between 10Hz and 400Hz for that distinctive sound of older tube classic cardioid condensers. NORM is extended flat response with slightly elevated high end typical of FET condensers. The 195 PAD reduces the mic sensitivity by 10dB for louder sources such as a guitar amp. The LOW CUT reduces frequency response by 10dB at 20 Hz to clean up the bottom end of vocals, bottom heavy source or a boomy room. 

The 195’s unique amplifier circuitry is key to why a 195 sounds so different in use compared to other FET mics. It offers superior response to wider dynamics while avoiding the typical transistor low-level high-order harmonic distortion commonly found in other FET mics. (Keep in mind that since the 195 is designed to work in a wide variety of real studio applications, from screaming guitar amp mic to quiet vocalist, it must be scaled for lower output or it would distort. The 195 needs 45-50dB of gain, so turning up a preamp all the way if you are far off the mic is not unusual, nor is it a problem).


The BOCK 195 also contains a unique to the industry output transformer—many times the size of competitors. Audio professionals know a large and well designed transformer is the key to wonderful analog sound. Our proprietary transformer design takes up half the room in the mic body! We did this not just to prove that bigger is better, but to increase the low frequency headroom beyond that of other transformer coupled mics.


The 195 accepts a broad spectrum of acoustic input levels, from soft vocals to heavy drums, yet also offers extended bandwidth response along with facilities for tailoring tonal characteristics for optimum results on any voice or instrument. The versatility afforded by the switches make the BOCK 195 an ideal choice for recording drums (tom-toms, in particular), percussion and acoustic guitar. High SPL tolerance allows use of the 195 in front of electrical guitar amplifiers, where the FAT Mode response adds extra oomph to the guitar tracks. Many engineers will find uses for the 195 limited only by their imaginations and ever-changing session demands. One thing is assured: you will find your BOCK 195 to be one of your most useful mics for many years to come!

The BOCK 195 is custom built, hand made cardioid patterned, phantom powered, large diaphragm FET microphone. In designing the 195, David Bock set out to create an extreme value in studio mics that could satisfy a wide range of demands for highly experienced engineers that own many more expensive microphones, yet need additional mics within a budget. It delivers superb results on lead vocal tracks as well as in instrument and guitar amp use, providing remarkable fullness and presence with exceptionally low background noise.